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Dear Friends

Herewith some information on ‘All you need is Love’ and ‘Footsteps to Freedom’ – two innovative events to celebrate Samutthana’s 10 year anniversary.  Your support would be much appreciated!


To celebrate our 10 year anniversary, Samutthana will be organising a Beatle Mania Concert  aptly called ‘ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE’ at the Lionel Wendt Auditorium on Tuesday 16th August (pre poya) at 7.30 pm, with Rukshan Perera and Friends. This promises to be THE Concert of the year, so please call Samutthana on 011 2883847 to make your bookings.  All proceeds will go towards the provision of mental health services for children and young people affected by the recent floods in Sri Lanka


Following the Concert, and as one of the main events in our 10 year celebrations, Samutthana’s own Nivendra Uduman along with Hansini Gunasekara (both Psychologists) will walk from Dondra Head to Point Pedro.  This forty-day walk, approximately 750 km from the southern most point of Sri Lanka to its northern most tip, will be launched on Thursday 18th August to raise awareness on mental health.  This will take Nivendra and Hansini through both rural and urban areas of the island where they will deliver awareness raising workshops to both the military and civilian population.  This initiative will be used to raise funds for the provision of mental health services for those affected by the recent floods and landslides. The two Psychologists are in the midst of training and preparing for the walk, while media coverage and support are in the process of being organised.  TO FIND OUT HOW YOU TOO CAN HELP US LAUNCH ‘FOOTSTEPS TO FREEDOM’ please contact us at Samutthana – Telephone: 011 2883847 or  E mail: info@

Above is a link to an interview on ‘ Footsteps to Freedom’.

With Best regards

Dushy Parakrama –  CEO

and Team Samutthana


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